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Fan Casting Roles for All-New, All-Different (MCU)



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4 comments on All-New, All-Different (MCU)

  • fredericarrowsmith Big up to the Method Man casting of Bishop, he has wanted this role for many years, Wu-Tang forever
    • khabib @Fredericarrowsmith Okay, but do you know that Bishop is an indigenous Australian? It is important to have an actor of the same ethnicity
    • fredericarrowsmith @khabib I did not know that no, but neither it seems does Method Man, a big Marvel comics fan that he is he should've known that lol
    • fredericarrowsmith @khabib And yes it's important that characters retain the same ethnicity, unless that character is white, then they can be recast as any race, unless being white is pertinent to the role, such as being an Italian Mafioso would have to be white for example

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