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3 comments on Agents of SWORD

  • user_2103 New Mutants isn't in the MCU dude
    • jmontgomery @lordhyperbreath much like the situation with Kang I am implement my own fan theories into my take on the mcu. Tl;dr I think New Mutants isn't in the MCU until Wanda Maximoff accepts her reality (because her journey in WandaVision and Doctor Strange is about her coping with grief and those she lost). Culminating in her saying either "I just don't want to be alone anymore" or "I just want others like me"acting as the "reverse-No More Mutants" bringing in Mutants into the MCU, altering history so that there were mutants during Ancient Egypt and WWII. And that they have been here all along and New Mutants is now part of this reality explaining how the Government under Weapons Plus has been keeping Mutants under wraps.

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    • theoriginalmartian @jmontgomery I 100% support this

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