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8 comments on 007 - DIAMONDS are FOREVER

  • fredericarrowsmith Alison Brie not attractive enough to be a Bond girl, I like her as an actress but a Bond girl needs to be stunning where she's just a flat-assed plain Jane, I agree with Cavill as Bond though.
    • rwhite18 @fredericarrowsmith What are you saying Alison is gorgeous
    • fredericarrowsmith @rwhite18 Nah mate if you want proof watch the series Glow on Netflix (which she does her best acting of her career in by the way) where she has no make up and a body like a teenage boy, she's just plain with no flavour not hideous just bland, you can see about 20 similar looking women walking about every day and not take any notice of (which for a Bond girl is just not the one)
    • atreides007 @fredericarrowsmith I didn't cast Alison Brie because she's stunning, I casted her because I thought she could pull of the character for wich I casted her, she's not a femme fatale or something

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  • fredericarrowsmith Bryce Dallas is even worse than Alison Brie she looks more like Cavill's mom and without make-up is actually horrendous.
    • atreides007 @fredericarrowsmith Don't worry here, the character is equally disgusting. Anyways I DON'T CHOOSE ANY ACTOR/ACTRESS BY THE LOOK, BUT THE WAY THEY COULD PORTRAIT THE CHARACTER
  • atreides007 The film anyways is the worst Bond film ever, I didn't take care of it too much

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