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Any Disney movies you think should be TV shows? I reckon Oliver and Company or Robin Hood or something but feel free to give me your opinion
I think Oliver and Company could do with a TV adaptation
Andi Mack is good. You should watch Andi mack. Andi Mack is GREAT actually. Sad? Watch Andi Mack! It will bring a smile to that sad sad face of yours. Andi Mack!
Why does it have to be Andi Mack, when there are millions of choices to choose from. Besides, modern Disney isn't as good as pre-21st century Disney. I am asking you NOT to choose Andi Mack. I would also ask you to reconsider. With that said, do me a favor and reconsider for once. Will ya?
A TV show based on Oliver and Company would be good.
Oliver and Company should be a TV show starring Meg Donnelly as a teenage Jenny and Daniel Dimaggio as a teenage Oliver.