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Hello everyone! The purpose of this topic is for me to update everyone on what's coming for the DCCU and for you to submit ideas for stories that you would like to see me do. The projects immediately on the horizon are Deathstroke, Flash Family, Batwoman, Captain Atom, Demon Knights, and The War of Light.
I’d like to see your take on the Legion Of Super-Heroes
I have a story idea but I don’t know if it would work for a movie. Can give an elevator pitch, and get your opinion as a DC expert?
Awesome! Thanks.
My idea would be to have a Royal Flush Gang expanded into a gang of 52 members. 4 suits each lead by an Ace (a-list DC villain) With King-10s (b-list villains). Nines through twos would either be minions or c and d list villains.
A new incarnation of the Justice league must unravel the mystery and discover the members and take them out of the game.
Don't know what format it would work as, or if it would be too complicated.
Actually, the idea has been done in the comics. The Royal Flush Gang was founded by Amos Fortune and their operations were relatively small in scale. The second iteration was orchestrated by Hector Hammond to take out the Justice League. Fortune ousted Hammond and set it to a clean slate. He then rebuild the gang into something much bigger, incorporating all four suits. As far as membership is concerned, the members have always been nobodies, so I think it should stay that way. You could have a lot of fun designing the powers of the gang members. Those familiar with the Justice League animated series will know a line-up of the five top clubs, so I would recommend sticking to that line-up. A little work has also been done with spades. As far as I know, DC hasn't done much with hearts or diamonds besides establishing that they exist. Another thing to note, Amos Fortune has sometimes worked with Roulette (Veronica Sinclair). In my opinion, the best format is a high budget tv limited series. I'll leave my pitch below:
We meet a down-on-his-luck Amos Fortune. His old gang was killed by Hector Hammond and he lost everything because of the Justice League. Then, in a very Year of the Villain fashion, Lex Luthor approached him and offers to fund his crusade against the Justice League. Flash forward to roughly five years later. We have the Justice League: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash (Wally West because Barry Allen is overrated and Wally is a significantly better character), Green Lantern (John Stewart), Hawkgirl, and Martian Manhunter (not Cyborg because Cyborg's proper place is on the Teen Titans and it was a huge mistake on Geoff Johns' part to replace Martian Manhunter with Cyborg). The League is investigating a warehouse by Gotham Harbor because Batman has intel that leads him to believe that someone is trafficking advanced weaponry and possibly even enhanced individuals. They find the warehouse empty. Suddenly, they are ambushed by the Flush of Clubs (same line-up as in the animated series). All of them have been enhanced with weapons specifically designed to take out each member of the League. All of them are captured except for Martian Manhunter, who fell into the harbor after being lit on fire by napalm. He drifts out to sea where he's rescued by Aquaman (portrayed accurately, not as the dumb surfer bro shown in the current DCEU). J'onn attempts to psychically reach the League, but something is blocking him. He attempts to reach out to other heroes, but he finds that some of them are missing as well. He gets Aquaman on board with saving the League and the two of them find other heroes to create a 7-person team designed to bring similar internal strengths to that of the League. The final line-up is Martian Manhunter (filling the powerhouse figurehead role typically inhabited by Superman, as well as his own as chairman and heart of the League), Aquaman (filling the more muscle-with-a-dash-of-magic role of Wonder Woman), Huntress (filling the Batman role), Jesse Quick (filling The Flash's role as team speedster), Starfire (filling Green Lantern's role of an extraterrestrial ranged energy-based attacker), Maxima (filling Hawkgirl's role of extraterrestrial melee. Plus, she hopes to earn Superman's admiration by saving him), and The Question (Vic Sage, bringing something unique to the seventh spot since MM is filling his own role and Superman's role). What follows is a series of adventure and mystery as this new Justice League investigates Amos Fortune and how deep the ties of his criminal gang go. They unearth the fact that all 52 Royal Flush Gang members were at risk children who were kidnapped and experimented on by Fortune and Luthor. They ultimately discover that the Justice League and all of the other missing heroes are being forced by Roulette to fight for entertainment via an enhanced version of Mad Hatter's mind control tech. This new League has to face off with the main League. Long story short, they are freed and they work together to stop Fortune, Luthor, and Roulette. It ends with the members of Martian Manhunter's Justice League being accepted as members of the main Justice League.
Cool! I keep being hesitant to make dc stories that would not fit into the Arrowverse or movie continuity. Thanks again! Nice job
UPDATE! I have officially finished casting The New Gods: Enjoy!
Have you considered doing Icon and Rocket?
COMING SOON (I haven't decided the order, but these are the projects that I'm working on or considering right now): Animal Man, Aquaman and The Others, Birds of Prey, Black Lightning, Challengers of the Unknown, Doctor Fate, Doom Patrol, Elongated Man, Fire and Ice, Firestorm, Grayson, Grifter, Hawk and Dove, Hawkman, Hellblazer, Jonah Hex, Justice League of China, Justice League United, Kahndaq, Katana, Lady Shiva, Legends of Skartaris, Legion of Super-Heroes, Metal Men, Midnighter and Apollo, Mister Terrific, Orphan, Plastic Man, Power Girl, Raven, Starfire, Stargirl, Static Shock, Steel, Stormwatch, Strange Adventures, Super Sons, Superwoman, Teen Titans Academy, The Atom, The House of Mystery, The Next Question, The Outsiders, Time Masters, Vixen, Zatanna.
Three things
1. What if you did Katana vs Lady Shiva?
2. Which Atom?
3. What is the House of Mystery?
1. Katana vs. Shiva was something I was considering either for the Katana series or for the Outsiders series (I'm still working on figuring out which direction I want to take the Outsiders in).
2. Ray Palmer is the main character of the series, but Ryan Choi will be present as Ray's apprentice. Near the end of the series Ray gives Ryan his own Atom suit and then Ryan will be a key part of the lineup for the Outsiders (similar to how he was used for Justice League of America in Rebirth).
3. House of Mystery was an anthology series published by DC Comics that ran for 321 issues from 1951 to 1983. The first 173 issues featured science-fiction and weird mystery stories, with recurring features including Martian Manhunter and Dial H for Hero. Starting with #174, the series switched to a horror anthology presented by Cain the Caretaker. Late in the series run, House of Mystery added a new ongoing series, "I, Vampire". In the world of the comics, The House of Mystery is a sentient house that simultaneously exists in multiple realms and typically resides next to a grave yard opposite of the House of Secrets. In the New 52, the House was "controlled" by John Constantine, though I'm going to be sticking with Cain as the caretaker. The show would be an anthology series that specifically highlights DC's roster of supernatural characters that haven't gotten their own series in the DCCU (so no Swamp Thing or characters prominently featured in the Justice League Dark trilogy). I haven't finalized my list for the series, but I know The Spectre, Ragman, Andrew Bennett, Resurrection Man, Pandora, Phantom Stranger, Blue Devil, Detective Chimp, Giovanni Zatara, Dr. 13, Traci 13, Doctor Occult, Black Alice, Nightshade, Tala, Klarion the Witch Boy, The Creature Commandos, and Solomon Grundy are all getting their own episode.
Hi everybody! The reason for this theme is for me to refresh everybody on what's approaching for the DCCU and for you to propose thoughts so that accounts that you would like might see me do.
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Actually, the purpose for this thread is for ME to update the DCCU (my pet project foe the last three years). You are just an advertiser looking to take advantage of someone else's thread for monetary gain. Stop. Get out of here. Nobody likes advertisers trying to manipulate this site.
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My idea is that after the Peacemaker series, Leota Adebayo and Chris Smith arrest Amanda Waller and create their new Suicide Squad with:
Peacemaker (John Cena)
Punchline (Mick Szal)
Deathstronk (Joe Manganiello)
Bane (Dave Bautista)
Weasel (Sean Gunn)
Lucifer Morningstar (Sam Claflin)