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This is a forum for people to suggest stories for me to do as well as give input for any crowdsourcing I might feel compelled to do.
This is where I stand with directors and projects so far:

o Aharon Keshales ( Hayoth
o Alfonso Cuaron ( Martian Manhunter
o Ari Aster ( The House of Mystery
o Asghar Farhadi ( The Elite Basij
o Bong Joon Ho ( Orphan
o Brad Bird ( The Flash
o Cate Shortland ( Starfire
o Chad Stahelski ( Deathstroke
o Christopher McQuarrie ( Grayson
o Christopher Nolan ( Captain Atom
o Darren Aronofsky ( Lex
o David F. Sandberg ( SHAZAM!
o David Fincher ( The Question
o David Leitch ( Hawk and Dove
o Denis Villeneuve ( The New Gods
o Dennis Gansel ( The Outsiders
o Edgar Wright ( Blue and Gold
o F. Gary Gray ( Black Lightning
o Gareth Evans ( Lady Shiva
o George Miller ( The Sleeping Soldiers
o Guillermo del Toro ( Justice League Dark
o Guy Ritchie ( Suicide Squad
o Ilya Naishuller ( The People’s Heroes
o James Cameron ( Justice League United
o James Gunn ( Red Hood and the Outlaws
o James Mangold ( Jonah Hex
o Joe Johnston ( Justice Society of America
o Jon Favreau ( Strange Adventures
o Jon Watts ( Teen Titans Academy
o Justin Lin ( Time Masters
o Karyn Kusama ( Katana
o Kathryn Bigelow ( Batwoman
o Kaushik Ganguly ( The Doomed
o Kiyoshi Kurosawa ( Big Monster Action
o Lisa Joy ( New Teen Titans
o Luc Besson ( Justice League Europe
o Lynne Ramsay ( The Next Question
o Matt Reeves ( Batman
o Matthew Vaughn ( Superman
o Michelle MacLaren ( Green Lantern & Hawkgirl
o Mike Flanagan ( Swamp Thing
o Patty Jenkins ( Wonder Woman
o Peyton Reed ( Challengers of the Unknown
o Rian Johnson ( The Teen Titans/The Titans
o Ridley Scott ( Mister Miracle
o Ryan Coogler ( Mister Terrific
o Sam Mendes ( Knights Inc.
o Scott Derrickson ( Demon Knights
o Shane Black ( Elongated Man
o Taika Waititi ( Young Justice
o Tim Miller ( Lobo
o Yimou Zhang ( The Great Twenty
My current director-less projects:

Animal Man
Arrow and Canary
The Atom
Birds of Prey
Doctor Fate
Doom Patrol
The Final Crisis
Fire and Ice
Harley Quinn
Heroes in Crisis
Justice League
Legends of Skartaris
Legion of Super-Heroes
Metal Men
Midnighter and Apollo
New Krypton
Nightwing and Oracle
Power Girl
Static Shock
Super Sons
The War of Light
World War III
Year of the Villain
What other directors should get a DC movie/show? Are there any characters you want me to do that I haven't included on this list? The only rules are (1) no repeat directors and (2) Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams will NEVER be included on any of my projects, so don't even bother suggesting them. Let me know your thoughts on either of these questions.