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Kanye West is known for:

  • Runaway
    Conceived during Kanye West’s self-imposed exile following the 2009 VMA incident and further influenced by his deteriorating relationship with model Amber Rose, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and its accompanying movie, Runaway is a genre-bending epic that explores the darker sides of celebrity, fame, and love. It explores West's own vision of his dark twisted fantasy. A romantic relationship between a man and a half-woman, half-phoenix.
  • Kanye West: Live from VH1 Storytellers
    VH1 Storytellers is the second live album by American recording artist Kanye West. It was released on January 5, 2010, through Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records.
  • Love Is the Message, the Message Is Death
    "Love Is the Message, the Message Is Death" reflects Jafa's desire to craft a "black cinema" that is responsive to the "existential, political, and spiritual dimensions" of Black life. Comprised of found footage sampled from films, newscasts, sporting events, music videos, and citizen videos, all of it downloaded from the Internet, the clips have been woven together and set to Kanye West's anthem "Ultralight Beam." Together the images and music make for an intense, poignant meditation on African American life in the twentieth-century. This history is also the history, by necessity, of racism and prejudice.

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