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Aaidah Riyadh is known for:

  • Dreams of Hind and Camilia
    The story of the friendship between two exploited servant women of Cairo: Camilla, divorced and unable to have children, and Hind, a widow from the countryside who longs to return to her home village. When Hind gives birth to a girl, they name her Ahlam, meaning "dreams." But will their own dreams elude them, or will they triumph against the odds?
  • In the Heliopolis Flat
    Najwa, a music teacher from the city of Minya, Upper Egypt, seizes the opportunity to come to Cairo on a trip with her students to search for Tahany, her first teacher that taught her music and used to live in an apartment in Heliopolis.
  • Kit Kat
    In the Egyptian Kit Kat suburb, Sheikh Hosni's character as an observer of the daily lives of El Kit Kat's residents seems to transcend above it. Even with the loss of his eyesight, his wife, his job, and the fact that he lives with his mother and his frustrated young son, did make him give up on hope, smile and laughter.

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