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Fan Casting Elita One

Role added by camisade on July 28, 2017

Description of Elita One:

Elita One (also spelled Elita-One or Elita-1) is a devoted Autobot and powerful warrior, fearless in the face of the enemy, but compassionate to those who need her help. She was the simple manual laborer Ariel who became a renowned Autobot resistance leader, a female counterpart to Optimus Prime. Elita One leads the Female Autobots in a desperate gamble to keep Cybertron out of the hands of the Decepticons. She is sometimes the wielder of a great special power: the ability to stop time through the creation of a field with a fifty foot radius around her. Sadly, this ability drains all of her life force and is thus almost assuredly fatal, leaving her to only use it in the most dire of situations.



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