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Fan Casting Rauru(Kaepora Gaebora, Sage of Light)

Role added by professoroakenshield on May 5, 2022

Description of Rauru (Kaepora Gaebora, Sage of Light):

Rauru, also known as Kaepora Gaebora when in his owl form, is an ancient Hylian and the Sage of Light. Many ages ago, he constructed a new, second Temple of Time over the former location of the Sealed Temple during the Era of Chaos. Rauru did so to protect the Triforce from the onslaught of greed, with the Temple of Light, situated at the center of the Sacred Realm. Rauru then remained in the Temple of Light and protected the sacred relic for many years. Rauru is not seen outside of the Sacred Realm except in his owl form as Kaepora Gaebora. He helps and watches over Link, the Hero of Time, many times throughout his quest.



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