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Fan Casting Mikau(Indigo-Go’s Lead Guitarist)

Role added by professoroakenshield on May 5, 2022

Description of Mikau (Indigo-Go’s Lead Guitarist):

Mikau is the lead guitarist of the Zora band The Indigo-Go's and is also a Zoran hero. After Mikau finds out that Lulu's Eggs were stolen by the Gerudo Pirates. Mikau then proceeds to infiltrate the Pirates' Fortress, but does not succeed and ends up floating in the Great Bay Coast, dying from his injuries. Link then rescues him and drags him to shore, where he plays a final song in which he pleads that Link assist Lulu in getting her voice back. After playing the "Song of Healing" for Mikau, his soul is trapped within the Zora Mask.



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