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Physical Appearance of Avery Grambs
  • Gender: edit
  • Hair Color: edit
  • Hair Length: edit
  • Eye Color: edit
  • Ethnicity: edit
    White / European Descent
  • Body Type: edit
  • Age Range: edit
  • Nationality: edit
    United States

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1 comment on Avery Grambs

  • erynmelissa Avery's hair is described as ashy brown in the novel, not ashy blonde. And it must be long prior to the makeover chapter since the stylist gives parameters for cutting it from 2" below chin length to to midback, and no bangs. Her hair is also between straight and wavy, and thick. The makeover includes lowlights "streaks of color a shade darker and richer" than her natural "ashy brown". The new hairstyle is described as long with layers, and a bedhead wave.

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