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36 comments on Lucy Gray Baird

  • juniper the amount of white people in this list is actually concerning. Yall, lucy gray is clearly a girl of colour with dark curls!She has to bee a melanin queen

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    • amber @iemcee That's fine. I've been called worse things than a 'white fangirl'. Anyways, I added in a new suggestion. Her name is Caitlyn Carmichael. What do you think? I chose a picture without all the bells and whistles of the the hair and makeup team so that people see what she looks like without it. After all, Lucy Gray wouldn't have all that in the Arena.

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    • flow92 @juniper There are so many races that could fit Lucy's description. She could be anything really. And the curls may bot be natural. She could have curled her hair herself. I can see why may people think she is a women of color though. I am personally hoping for a Hispanic/Latina actress to be cast for Lucy Grey. Both white and black people have been represented in the series so it would really diversify the series.

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    • amber @juniper I respect your opinion, Juniper, but hear me out: most people agree that District 12 is in Maine. I don't think that they have that prominent of an African American population there.

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  • vaiorant shes definetly not white

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    • flow92 @vaiorant I disagree, she could really be anything, even white. In the book it said she has a darker skin tone so she may just have a tan. There are also may people from different backgrounds that could fit Lucy's description. I am personally hoping to see a Hispanic/Latina actress get cast as Lucy Grey.
  • underscore Maiah Wynne would make an epic Lucy Gray someone please go check out her songs on YouTube a she sang all the ones Lucy sang and it was amazing!!!

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  • stratocaster It has to be someone who can sing, too. Maybe Billie Eilish would be a good one to add?

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    • zoeee123 @stratocaster Look up Maiah Wynne on YouTube. She has covers of some of the songs from the book. She is so talented

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    • emibin12 @stratocaster I'd say no to her being Lucy Gray because I just don't think she has the right look but I bet she'd make a boppin song for the soundtrack.

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    • livs13 @zoeee123 If you look up Emma Lee on youtube she also has really great covers

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  • lilyfalk WHat do you guys think of thomasisn mckenzie? she was in jojo rabbit and she reminds me SO much of lucy.

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  • isabella476 I mean I would love to be Lucy, but I bet there are so many people auditioning including big actors

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  • user_34724 everyone look up maiah wynne on youtube!!!

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  • amaliewright I wish I could be lucy, I think I would probably be talented enough but there are so many big actors, I would have not chance :(

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  • sarahownby Um the Book description never said coil’s it said curls which doesn’t mean tight curls so she could be any race andConsidering it’s on the east side of the upper south she could be literally any race so stop generalizing it’s so annoying

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  • flow92 I would really like to see Hispanic/Latina Lucy Grey. I imagined her as a Latina women. I fell like it would really diversify the series and represent the Mexican culture. Both white and black people have been represented in the series and I would like to see my culture in the series. I would also like to see an Asian, Indian, Italian, or Arabic Lucy Grey if she doesn't get cast by a Hispanic/Latina actress.

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