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Physical Appearance of Rapunzel
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7 comments on Rapunzel

  • sjnielsen I think we are forgetting that Rapunzel is naturally brunette, look at her parents and her hair after it’s cut.

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  • dovecameron I don't understand why ya'll must mass down-vote every single actress?

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  • kyperry I've added my thought to the list which is Jordyn Jones she's almost an exact look alike and has the energetic personality like that of Rapunzel herself
  • movienerd 100% Amanda Seyfried
    • sjnielsen @movienerd I think she has aged out of the role, Rapunzel is a teenager. Amanda is still young, just not teenager-young. Disagreeing with all respect. 🫡
  • maddygacha If Helena in here we gotta make a role for johnny

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