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8 comments on Darrow

  • flmhnk Darrow is 16-17ish in the first book. Picking a younger actor who will age with the series seems more appropriate. There are young actors that can be cast and fit the age bracket AND satisfy both descriptions, at least down the line, or with fx. It seems more appropriate to select an actor that embodies the original character of Darrow, so he can grow with the roll.

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  • qandolorian As I was reading the series, I could put no other face to post-carving Darrow than Henry Cavill. I know Cavill is in his late 30's, but the Golds reach full bodily maturation at a much younger age. His physique is on par with a Gold, and have you seen The Witcher? His look alone, as well as the ferocity with which he fights just screamed Gold to me. Timothee' Chalamet for pre-carve Darrow.

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  • billyswifty Also, his age at the beginning of the first book is like 16 years old. Many of these suggestions might be better for when he is older, further along in the series.

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  • kristenrudy13 I'm believe that in casting Darrow, that having someone who is more anatomically mature is more like how the Golds of the series are portrayed. They are considered in their prime as these young adults and even as teenagers. Just like the obsidians I think they tower above all the lowColors and are sculpted to perfection. So, I think it is perfectly reasonable not to cast an actual 16-20 year old for the role. Not to mention Darrow's mind and intellect far outweigh that of a normal teenager. I think casting someone who can be portrayed as somewhat younger but also has a visible enough change for Iron Gold.

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  • billyswifty They will have to do something similar to what they did with Chris Evans in the first Captain America movie. Because Darrow is supposed to start off very small and skinny, and by the end of the series he is a mid-twenties guy who is very large and muscular.
  • mcgeezerog Thwaite is the closest one I can image to a young Darrow, narrow features the eyes and face shape. But really non of these people embody him. They have a HUGE role to cast, encapsulating the soul of that character, it will determine the the validity of the series and none of these people cut it, I can’t think of anyone in Hollywood who could. Pray they choose wisely.

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