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Fan Casting Tyson

Role added by rubyglasses on December 27, 2017

Description of Tyson:

Tyson is one of the MANY homeless cyclopses in every major city. Despite his tall stature he’s portrayed as an autistic little kid; and even by cyclops standards he’d be a baby. In Sea of Monsters he saves Percy from giants and the mechanical bulls, and then we find out he’s both a cyclops and the half brother of Percy. He then works with Beckendorf and the other Hephaestus kids, being fireproof. He then accompanies Percy & Annabeth to get the Golden Fleece. In books 4 & 5 he accompanies Percy again, and helps Grover find Pan. Then he & Poseidon lead more cyclopses fight Hyperion and win. He then starts his relationship with Ella the harpy.



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