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Fan Casting Thalia Grace

Role added by rubyglasses on December 27, 2017

Description of Thalia Grace:

Thalia is the daughter of Zeus & the older sister of Jason. She’s described as havin spiked black hair and uses a spear and the shield Egeus. We first find out about her after her death from years ago. We first officially meet her at the end of Sea of Monsters when she’s resurrected due to the Golden Fleece. In The Titan’s Curse we see her assisting Percy and company, even if she and Percy nearly kill each other. At the end she joins The Hunters of Artemis, and then helps Percy again in The Last Olympian. She eventually does reunite with her brother Jason in The Lost Hero.



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Physical Appearance of Thalia Grace
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    White / European Descent
  • Body Type: edit
    Athletic / Toned
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