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Fan Casting Nico di Angelo

Role added by rubyglasses on December 27, 2017

Description of Nico di Angelo:

Nico is the younger brother of Bianca and the son of Hades. We first meet him in The Titan’s Curse when he’s an innocent kid who loves Mytho-Magic; a Pokémon parody. Until the end where he blames Percy for Bianca’s death and escapes to the Labyrinth. In the next book he tries to bring Bianca back to life and exposes himself to Kronos. In The Last Olympian he tricks Percy into going to the Underworld and eventually leads an army of the dead against Kronos. In THOO we see more layers of his psyche and find out that he’s gay. He eventually finds happiness with Will Solace and his other sister Hazel.



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Physical Appearance of Nico di Angelo
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    White / European Descent
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12 comments on Nico di Angelo

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