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Physical Appearance of James "Logan" Howlett
  • Gender: edit
  • Hair Color: edit
  • Hair Length: edit
  • Eye Color: add
  • Ethnicity: edit
    White / European Descent
  • Body Type: edit
  • Facial Hair: edit
    Medium Beard
  • Age Range: edit

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7 comments on James "Logan" Howlett

  • cobyblue36 Can we PLEASE unconfirm Hugh Jackman?—It’s not happening.

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  • spielbergo Who the HE11 is recommending Jackman to put his granpa @ss on the line for a physical action role like Wolverine again? At least be creative… 🤦‍♂️

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  • envyclash616 This list is so big there are dead people on here... and women. Wolverine has achieved ultimate meme status.

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  • bridwell I really like the Sam Hargrave pick!!! He's a star in the making and Marvel would be silly not to want what he brings to the table! He has the look, the grittiness, and the ability to play him!

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