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21 comments on Batman

  • vaporsunion1312 Jensen Ackles would be horrible because his voicework in the DC animated stuff sucked and he looks like your average generic white guy actor TM.

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    • ojmcclanahan @vaporsunion1312 You're outnumbered, bud. He would be a fantastic Batman. The voice he uses in the Tomorrowverse is a whole lot better than Christian Bale sounding like he's trying to pass a kidney stone... I prefer Batfleck's voice over them all. Batman using a voice modulator makes more sense than anything. I mean he has all these high tech gadgets so why wouldn't he use tech to alter his voice?

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    • taylorthewiseguy @vaporsunion1312 I disagree. He was a great Batman, one of the best ever.

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    • stevensmeagol @ojmcclanahan I also think Jensen Ackles would suck. "Bud"! Alan Ritchson aka Jack Reacher would be perfect.

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  • vaporsunion1312 85% of the casting suggestions are unhinged... Y'all don't seem to understand James Gunn's vision. Anyway, I think Jake Gyllenhaal is the best option. He fits well with what we know James Gunn prefers and is honestly the only actor currently in Hollywood who has the chops to execute a solid Bruce/Batman that hasn't already played him before.

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    • toastythommy @vaporsunion1312 I think Gyllenhaal would be a MUCH better fit for John Constantine myself. Not to say he couldn't play batman, but i think it'd be a waste of talent.

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    • lordstarkiller @vaporsunion1312 I don't see Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman. I only ever saw him in Far From Home, and while his performance as Mysterio was great, he doesn't really strike me as the "serious" type for Batman. I would easily perfer Jensen Ackles or Sebastian Stan because both have played serious roles in the past and would be perfect for Bruce in the Gunnverse.
  • stevensmeagol It would be ironic if Nicholas Hoult was cast. Seeing as he was like second in the running to be cast as Matt Reeves Batman.

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  • stevensmeagol Most likely a relativley unknown actor when it comes to most households. Also what's with so many people being against an unknown actor cast when that's most likely lol? I mean if we're getting a younger Superman we're most likely getting a younger Batman.
    • stevensmeagol @starkiller Well it wouldn't make sense to me seeing as we're definitely getting a Superman. Unless that story is a new origin story set in the past from the rest of the DCU slate. Though an aging Batman confronting a young Superman for the first time would be interesting. However that's kind of what we got recently with Batman vs Superman anyway. So we've already had both versions. Maybe if we have an older Batman encounter a younger Superman. Have that Batman die off and get replaced by a new Batman who is Damian Wayne. Then if Gunn and Safran want to. Back track those original Batmans adventures with a younger actor later prior to their death. Though tbh that idea has it's flaws and it would be better to just start a new with a new younger Batman and Superman. Or have the young Superman meet a Batman in his prime. That's very possible.

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    • starkiller @stevensmeagol i don't think he necessarily needs to be as old as the dceu's. having him be mid career would be where i'd go with it. also definitely wouldn't have them meet by fighting each other cause yeah, we did just get that

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    • starkiller @stevensmeagol i really don't want a younger batman. we already have that with matt reeves, at that point they might as well use that version if they're not gonna do anything different

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  • owenellwood34 i think they should keep the battinson universe seperate from the main universe, and therefore have 2 batmen one for dceu and one for battinson
  • wallywest06 We already know the Matt Reeves universe is going to be kept separate, stop voting yes for Robert
  • stevensmeagol David Dunchovy? That's a weird one. Very left field atm. Maybe in the 90s it would have worked with the success of the X-Files but maybe it still could. I could imagine him being a cool, clever and kind of funny but definitely grouchy older Batman/Bruce Wayne.

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