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Fan Casting Annabeth Chase

Role added by percystiles on January 24, 2019

Description of Annabeth Chase:

annabeth chase is a seventeen/eighteen-year-old greek demigod, the daughter of the wisdom goddess athena and history professor frederick chase (born on july 12th, 1993), and the maternal cousin of norse demigod magnus chase. she is the head counselor of athena's cabin and the architect of olympus. she has retrieved the athena parthenos and survived tartarus, being one of the only few half-bloods to have survived. she is currently in a relationship with percy jackson. annabeth has long, curly blond hair "like a princess." percy once said that she "looked like a typical california girl, except her stormy gray eyes ruined the image." percy claimed her eyes looked calculating like she was analyzing whoever she was looking at during a first meeting, as if thinking of the best way to take the person down in a fight. she is around the height of 5'8.



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Physical Appearance of Annabeth Chase
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  • Ethnicity: edit
    Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial
  • Body Type: edit
    Athletic / Toned
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  • Nationality: edit
    United States

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3 comments on Annabeth Chase

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