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Fan Casting Hades

Role added by kipwalker on June 12, 2017

Description of Hades:

Hades is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon. Unlike his mythological counterpart, who is typically portrayed as a feared but relatively passive deity, he is a fast-talking, ornery, lord of the underworld: a combination of Satan and a sleazy dodgy persuasive Hollywood agent type/car dealer. He wears a dark robe with a skull-shaped perone fastening his chiton and his hair is a glowing blue flame which flares up whenever he becomes excited or — more famously — flares red whenever he becomes enraged, and can also be extinguished.



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Physical Appearance of Hades
  • Gender: edit
  • Hair Color: edit
  • Hair Length: edit
    Buzz Cutt
  • Eye Color: edit
  • Ethnicity: edit
    White / European Descent
  • Body Type: edit
  • Facial Hair: edit
  • Age Range: edit
  • Nationality: edit

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2 comments on Hades

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