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Fan Casting Violet Sorrengail

Role added by spideylex on May 30, 2023

Description of Violet Sorrengail:

Violet Sorrengail is described as a shorter female, with black to silver hair. Her body is on the weaker side, with joints that do not withstand much pressure, and since she has suffered many broken bones, dislocated joints, and so on. It is believed by the fandom that Violet may have EDS ( Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). Violet is smart, feisty, and stronger than most people think she is. Originally supposed to be a Scribe, she is forced into the Rider's Quadrant by her mother. She does not let her physical capabilities define her, and beats all odds that may seem against her. Violet is canonically in her early 20s. ( casting choices MUST BE ABOVE 20. )



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