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Fan Casting Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV

Role added by andrewheron on March 2, 2018

Description of Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV:

A REDHEAD space vampire using spice TO STAY YOUNGER THAN HE LOOKS. So STOP WITH THE OLD GUYS Y'ALL DUMBOGGARTS. "By his mid-thirties, Shaddam was a strong-featured man with a firm chin and aquiline nose; his reddish hair was cut short and oiled and styled into a perfect helmet." Also "A slim and elegant man, with red hair, a thin face, and cold eyes. The aforementioned face and eyes reminded the Baron Harkonnen of Duke Leto Atreides I - Shaddam had "that same look of the predatory bird." His daughter Irulan describes him -in the very first pages of the damn book- as : NOT LOOKING OLDER THAN in his THIRTIES.



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