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Fan Casting Rose Calloway

Role added by laviegwenrose on November 15, 2020

Description of Rose Calloway:

Rose Calloway is the owner of Calloway Couture. She is the second oldest daughter of Greg and Samantha Calloway, Greg being the CEO of popular soft drink brand Fizz. Older than her is sister Poppy Calloway, her younger sisters being Lily Calloway and Daisy Calloway. Rose is considered beautiful, having cat-like yellow-green eyes and dark brown hair. Lily describes her as being "ten times prettier" than herself. She is about 5'7" or 5'8" with fair skin. Rose is a perfectionist and has OCD. As a fashion designer, she takes a lot of pride in her style and is always dressed to impress. She is also highly intelligent, having graduated with highest honors from Princeton University.



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