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Forums » Video Games » Josh Grelle will voice Tails for the upcoming Sonic Frontiers

My answer for this guy to voice Tails, start for "Sonic Frontiers" gets hard to believe when children ain't voicing Tails due to hit puberty, And Sonic 2 will be the last time the not-so long running Colleen O' Bergman voicing her "favorite" character even all anime VAs who had worked for Hollywood and tails always voiced by females.

For the upcoming Sonic game will be the first time Josh Grelle will voice Tails, he'll use his Armin Arlert accent and sped up his voice to sound like Tails (like the same way Eric Bauza did with woody woodpecker).

Uh... Colleen was confirmed to be voicing Tails in Frontiers.
That’s not f*cking source. That’s literally just audio from Grelle just sped up. As I said before, Colleen confirmed that she will be voicing Tails.