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Forums » Up and Coming » Actors or actresses you'd like to see appear in a good movie again or make a comeback?

In this thread we list our actors and actresses we'd like to see make a comeback or appear in movies that are better than what they're currently appearing in.

For me:

Nicolas Cage (hopefully Mandy helps put him back on the radar)
Tom Berenger (has the Mickey Rourke problem of made bad film choice and is mostly confined to B-Movies because of it)
John Cusack
James Woods (although at this point his politics have probably drive his career into the dirt)

Halle Berry (Seems to be gearing up for some kind of comeback)
Winona Ryder (Would love to see her in a lead role for something more high profile instead of an indie)
I would like to see Matthew Broderick in a movie again.
I would like to see Mickey Rourke, Tom Berenger, Nicolas Cage and Winona Ryder make a comeback.
Mike Myers... what ever happened to him?
I'd love to see Kirsten Dunst make a comeback.
I would give Sean Connery one more movie, give him a good script to work with, have him play a major role in it, and let him deliver the best performance!
I cant wait for Toby McGuires cameo as spiderman in Marvel's MCU spiderman 3. I have a few ideas on how they are GOING to do it.
I cant wait for Toby McGuires cameo as spiderman in Marvel's MCU spiderman 3. I have a few ideas on how they are GOING to do it.
Here's my top 10:

10. Bella Thorne
9. Jacob Hopkins
8. Kristen Li
7. Willow Smith
6. Sean Giambrone
5. Odeya Rush
4. Molly Ringwald
3. Christina Ricci
2. Sissy Spacek
1. Skai Jackson
I would love to see Brittney Spears, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Becky G, and Benjamin King in a Movie or Show.
I would like to see Chuck Norris and Lynda Carter do a sitcom and play cool grandparents.
With Olivia Holt, Ariel Winter, and Madisyn Shipman as their granddaughters.
Yeah, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey should be playing the parents.

Synopsis: When grandparents Dave (Chuck Norris) and Amy (Lynda Carter) are assembling a family reunion, their son Bobby (Will Ferrell) and his wife Sarah (Tina Fey) bring their three daughters, Stephanie (Olivia Holt), Gilda (Ariel Winter), and Kaya (Madisyn Shipman) along for the road trip. Hilarity ensues shortly after.
Liam neeson (as darkman in new movie)
Keith David. It's been a long time since I've seen Keith appear in a feature length movie (with the exception of TV Shows), I'd love to see him appear in a movie starring along side talented actors again!
Well his last movie wasn't very good. But still RIP Sean Connery.
Not sure why but I hope that we see Geena Davis make a comeback in this coming years. Also hoping we get to see more of Meg Ryan even if it is just her playing the mother of one of the characters in some romcom following her possible comeback with that new movie of hers that was recently released.