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In this thread we list our actors and actresses we'd like to see make a comeback or appear in movies that are better than what they're currently appearing in. For me: Actors: Nicolas Cage (hopefully Mandy helps put him back on the radar) Tom Berenger (has the Mickey Rourke problem of made bad film choice and is mostly confined to B-Movies because of it) John Cusack James Woods (although at this point his politics have probably drive his career into the dirt) Actresses: Halle Berry (Seems to be gearing up for some kind of comeback) Winona Ryder (Would love to see her in a lead role for something more high profile instead of an indie)
I would like to see Matthew Broderick in a movie again.
I would like to see Mickey Rourke, Tom Berenger, Nicolas Cage and Winona Ryder make a comeback.
Mike Myers... what ever happened to him?
I'd love to see Kirsten Dunst make a comeback.
I would give Sean Connery one more movie, give him a good script to work with, have him play a major role in it, and let him deliver the best performance!