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MyCast: The Cult of Forcez
Because it's my favorite story, and F****z tried me to join his freak show.
Aftermath: Chapter One - A MyCast Story
Aftermath: Chapter Two - A MyCast Story
Aftermath: Chapter Three - A MyCast Story
MyCast: Dr. Docter and the Multiverse of Madness
i know you might not want to talk to me right now but i created a MyCast Story. I really hope you like it
𝔻O⼕ƬΣℛ (Spinoff)
MyCast: Blood War (prequel/spin off and the first vampire themed mCCU story)
MyCast: Blood War part 2
MyCast: Worst Max (Blood War prequel)
Actually, it was set after the Blood War. It's a prequel set before the Rise of Aviagarwal and Silver Soul. and of course, it was a meant to tell the backstories of each undead trolls that were resurrected in myCast: Silver Soul
MyCast: Attack on Space Beasts (Anime Movie Spin-off)
MyCast: Rules Are Made To Be Broken Part 1: Wrath of Ezmael (Prequel set before Rise of Aviagarwal and further. Sequel to Persona Mayhem and Attack on Space Beasts)
MyCast: Legend of the Immortal Troll (Anime movie spin off and Aviagarwal origin story. Part 1 of a trilogy)
MyCast: Shiroyasha Gaiden: The Untold Story (Anime movie side story, set after the events of Silver Soul. Also covering up events that weren't shown in The Rise of Aviagarwal. Part 2 of a trilogy, also telling the events of the Legend of the Immortal Troll from the prespective of Oddjobs)