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I know this is not an original idea, but there are two questions that need to be asked: which actors would play who and how would it look?
First question (easiest): "How would it look?" Well, I think personally it should be a series. A friend of mine named batsonjacksont (you all know him) created a Michael Jackson biopic concept. Basically, the seasons covered a decade, and everything that happened in the decade was covered. Here's the problem with that format: The Beatles were actually together for (including Hamburg years and pre-Beatlemania) 10 years, one single decade. So how would we split the seasons? I had an idea: a lot of stuff happened in one year for The Beatles meaning there was more stuff that would be covered in a few years/one season. Probably about the same amount of stuff which was fit into batsonjacksont's MJ biopic's seasons.
Season 1 consists of the Quarrymen, meeting Paul and George, Beatles in Hamburg, meeting Ringo and getting signed on by George Martin.

Season 2 consists of first few albums, popularity in England, coming to America, Beatlemania, touring years and Hard Day's Night.

Season 3 consists of Help!, more touring, bigger than Jesus, Yesterday and Today, becoming a studio band and then Sgt. Peppers.

Season 4 consists of The White Album, LSD, Yellow Submarine, the failed Get Back project and break up.
Then, there would be a little epilogue showing all of their solo careers at the end of the last season
Second Question: Who would play the Beatles and others? This is where I'm stuck. I have a few people in mind but I think I might need some help with others.
Would the last season cover the final hours of John Lennon.
Maybe in the last episode, the last episode is like an epilogue
Andrew Garfield as John Lennon - Daniel Radcliffe as Ringo Starr - James McAvoy as Paul McCartney - Benedict Cumberbatch as George Harrison.

Freddie Highmore as Ed Sullivan - Lucy Liu as Yoko Ono - Kel Mitchell as Billy Preston - George Martin - Jamie Bell - Neil Aspinall - Michael Fassbender - Claire Foy as Patti Boyd - Charlie Day as Brian Epstein - Nicholas Hoult as Pete Best - Freddie Stroma as Derek Taylor. I'll let you decide on who should be playing Linda Eastman & Maureen Starkey.
In my opinion, Simon Helberg could be a good Ringo Starr, even if he's American. Is he a little old?
I'm trying to stick to a british cast, roughly the right age.
Possibly Alex Lawther or Fionn Whitehead for Paul. Fionn O'Shea just looks like Ringo. Don't know about John or George.
I meant all british people should be played by british actors.
You think Aaron Taylor Johnson could play John again?
Fionn O'Shea as Ringo, Alex Lawther or Fionn Whitehead as Paul
Nicholas Hoult as Brian Epstein, Paul Bettany as George Martin (maybe)
Aaron Taylor Johnson as John, Alex Lawther or Fionn Whitehead as Paul, ????? as George and Fionn O'Shea as Ringo.