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Remember Franklin Pierce? That guy you learned about in the 8th grade and subsequently forgot? 14th U.S. President? Turns out he led a pretty interesting life. His presidency could make a great biopic, full of political intrigue and personal tragedy. The movie writes itself. It's title? "Handsome Frank," which was one of Pierce's nicknames. Tagline? His slogan, "We'll Pierce you in '52." Begin with flashbacks to the election of 1852. Then, queue the horrific train accident that killed his only surviving son. Gadsden Purchase. Wife's instability. Bleeding Kansas. His own alcoholism. His failure to be nominated by the Democrats in 1852. And a killer ending scene: Pierce leaving the White House. A man asks him "What are you going to do now?" Pierce: "There's nothing left to do but get drunk." That's what he ACTUALLY said! What a way to end a movie about the worst (or just unluckiest) President in America History!

Another good thing about this movie is that Tom Hiddleston is a dead ringer for Franklin Pierce.

Anyway, I'm currently writing a screenplay, but I have absolutely zero experience with that, so I'd prefer it if someone else did it. Feel free, and I'd love thoughts from fellow film buffs and/or history buffs!