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So Truman Show is a masterpiece. There’s no point arguing that. However I actually had this idea for a retelling (not a remake, not a reboot either) of the Truman Show for the social media age. It’s essentially the same basic idea of a child born solely for the public’s entertainment but with a slightly different angle to it. It takes place in a slightly altered present where they have had the internet and social media slightly longer than we have and that’s essentially caused the internet and the consumption of media via the internet (aka social media) to be way more toxic than it already is. Essentially making public opinion and popularity and appearance rule over the day to day lives of the American public. This is inspired by how the people in the Truman show viewed Reality TV but taken to a low key dystopian level. While not actually being dystopian; it’s not 1984 or anything it’s just created a system where people have been making a living off of the internet for such a long time that they’ve essentially made legacies off of it. Paying off entire towns to create their perfect little bubble of suburbia for their vlogs. Truman is a teenager here who is coming to maturity without knowing all his life he’s been recorded for his family’s vlogs. The really sad part is he’s not the only member of his generation that’s been living a lie this time. Entire networks of families have been grooming their kids from birth to be that perfect “one true pairing”; going as far as to genetically engineer them to gain traits their parents deem desirable (something scientists have actually deemed within the realm of possibility today). And it all unravels for Truman when he learns of a sister he never knew he had who because of an a fashion malfunction with those genetic modifications was hidden away from him. And swept under the rug as if she was nothing more than a bad sponsorship. Anyway if this sounds interesting check out my story for this. It’ll be in the comment made by my personal account!