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Alright, I just learned that there will be a live action adaptation of The Powerpuff Girls for the CW. No release date info has been revealed yet. What are your thoughts on this? Should there be an adaptation or not.
I don't think so. Besides, I think CW's got enough superhero content with Flash and the Arrowverse and other such properties.
But it would share the same executive producers from Riverdale, plus there would be new writers.
Update: According to TVLine, the series has received a pilot order. But it doesn't mean if it will be moving forward as most superhero series on the network have done in the past or not even though I can't recall if any superhero based pilot never made it passed the pilot stage for the network.
How do you know all this?

Check the link I sent.
Oh, I see now, and the series is titled "Powerpuff".