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So, I was doing a project with this youth group I attend about representation in media, and I chose to focus on race representation. One of the articles I read was an interview with David Schwimmer where he stated that Ross from Friends should have had more girlfriends of color and that if the show was ever recommissioned, he would like to see it as reflective of New York's ethnic diversity. What would you say on the matter?
What I mean is do you agree with the criticisms levied towards friends due to its lack of racial representation, or do you think it should be left alone because it's a product of its time?
It should be left alone as it was a product of its' time.
Exactly! It's like I hate how people judge shows and movies from the past by today's standards. Yes, I understand that in the past, the way TV shows depicted things like race were hit and miss, but come on! And a few months ago, you may remember this, Netflix and BBC iPlayer dropped Little Britain because it depicted Matt Lucas and David Walliams pretending to be ethnic minorities.
In fact, I read this article which was an interview with David Schwimmer and he acknowledged that Friends did have problems with diversity, and if it did get rebooted, he would like to see it with better racial representation and that Ross would have more girlfriends of color. What would you say?
Here's a couple of actresses I have in mind: Carmen Ejogo Danai Gurira Shakira Gina Rodriguez Necar Zadegan Parminder Nagra Stephanie Beatriz Julia Jones
Would you at least give me a response to my 'Live Action PPG for the CW'.
I'll see what I can do. By the way, what do you think of those suggestions for Ross's girlfriends if Friends ever got rebooted?
Are there any other actresses you have in mind for that.
OK here they are: * Archie Panjabi * Aja Naomi King * Sarah Shahi * Sofia Vergara * Enuka Okuma * Mindy Kaling * Richa Moorjani * Tracee Ellis Ross What do you think? And just asking, but what's wrong with the actresses I originally suggested?
I meant for actresses born in the 90's/2000's for the reboot.
Oh. I was thinking back to friends with the actors who played the main characters! Sorry, kind of misconstrued it a little bit. I just find it a little bit gross that Ross would date teenagers.
Oops, I meant to say people who were born during the show's early run, i.e. (1994-1999).
Some of those actresses I suggested earlier would have been in their teens and twenties during the show's early run.
Mind if we get some other users into this, i.e. imdoneone, josefran2019, and nathanewing.
Sure! I'd like to hear their opinions
Mind if you let them know via Private Message.