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Can you delete stories you've been working on
Yes, if you're looking at a story you've created, you should see a link for "archive story" which will delete the story from the website. But it will still be visible to you if you ever want to restore it.
Ok...but what if you are certain you want it gone for good (i.e. it was a mistake or a duplicate) and you no longer want to view it among all of your intended additions?
Sorry if that was confusing. We changed "archive" to "delete." You shouldn't see deleted stories anywhere, besides the "deleted stories" link that only you can see on your profile's added stories page.
I appreciate the free service that you all provide here for fans. However, I still contend that there should be an option/the ability to permanently delete stories/characters. Perhaps provide a window (say 30 days, off the top of my head) for each user after they delete something during which time they can recover/restore the character or story they've deleted. After that time though the choice they've made would be final. Maybe that would be a good middle ground/compromise in regards to what you all seem to be going for?