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Can anybody list all actors or celebs who are extremely controversial, do something very heinous, or get so many criminal records? (Amber Heard, Bill Cosby, Steven Seagal, etc.) I have planned about returning to and do some fun project, but don't wanna cast these "blacklisted" actors
Thinking of at least nine so far.

Allison Mack: In seven words: her whole involvement in the NXIVM cult.
Roseanne: The tweet about Valerie Jarrett caused ABC (with an African American network president) to cancel a revival of her 90s sitcom and later retool it without her.
Michael Richards: A stand-up comedy routine in 2006 that had him caught on tape using a racial slur towards an audience member.
Drake Bell: Revelations in the late summer of 2020 that he abused an ex-girlfriend with the following year brought charges of child endangerment of a teenage fan during a 2017 trip to Ohio.
Stephen Collins: Admitting in an interview in 2014 that he sexually abused an underage girl and exposure to two others.
Mel Gibson: That 2006 drunk driving arrest likely seals the deal on him.
Charlie Sheen: Behavioral antics from the late 2000s to early 2010s led to his walking papers on Two And A Half Men.
Danny Masterson: the sexual assault allegations from 2017 cost him his job on The Ranch and involvement in a Netflix revival of That 70s Show called That 90's Show.
Alec Baldwin: Despite his behavior throughout the years, the Rust shooting accident may have damaged his career in the long run.
Will Smith smacked Chris Rock
Two more to add to the list, Erza Miller (for their antics that I won't go into detail here.) and Randy Quaid (same thing but with added political views.).