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The thread to talk about the upcoming reboot/readaptation of Todd McFarlane's new Spawn Movie

While I do feel that it's about time for a new Spawn movie, I don't know how to feel about the people involved. Blumhouse in my opinion is a very hit or miss film studio. When they hit, they hit pretty damn hard and it's a force to be reckoned with. When they miss, it's a failure of spectacular proportions. Considering this is the first comic book property Blumhouse is handling, this has potential to be a complete misfire.

I also don't know how to feel about Todd McFarlane having complete creative control over the film. Sure the creator of the character gets to make the movie as he sees fit, but in the event that it's bad McFarlane is going to get every single bit of blame. Even then, the guy doesn't have much in the way of film experience other than helping out with animating music videos.

Either way, we'll see what happens.