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After the buyout of Disney and Fox, Disney and Sony Pictures have signed a multi-year “content licensing agreement” that will bring new Sony theatrical releases, starting with its 2022 films, to Disney-owned platforms. The deal also gives Disney the rights to many of Sony’s older films, including Spider-Man titles — meaning that movies starring the web-slinger, which are notably absent from Disney Plus’ collection of Marvel films, could eventually make their way to the streaming service.

Sony’s theatrical releases from 2022 through 2026 are included in the deal, and Disney will get access to them following their “Pay 1 TV window.” Starting in 2022, that window, which follows a film’s theatrical and home video runs, will be owned by Netflix, thanks to a deal announced earlier this month. (That means new Sony films will hit theaters first, then paid rentals and purchases, then Netflix, and then finally head over to Disney platforms, possibly including Disney Plus.)

So even though Disney and Sony’s deal means that Disney won’t have new Spider-Man films right after their theatrical runs, the company will get to include them in its streaming catalogue over the long term — something that Disney arguably values more. AND THAT"S NOT RIGHT.

Disney will never buy Sony, Sony stays with Sony Pictures Entertainment becuase it has too many production companies more than Disney, Sony will extend the deal to buy Warner Bros. and the entire WarnerMedia, Warner Bros. Family Entertainment will re-release "Anastasia", "Titan A-E", "FernGully: The Last Rainforest", "Once Upon a Forest" and bring back "A Troll in Central Park" and "Thumbelina". So let Sony buy WarnerMedia, OK? after Sony sells all Spider-Man films (only the Spider-Man films).
This has nothing to the current topic. And why would Sony want to buy either of these? They should be working on their trash televisions.