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Is it me or does Hollywood not care about stopping whitewashing? Like, look at Gods of Egypt and Genesis Gods and Kings? One of the criticisms was that there were hardly any Arabic actors in them? And The Last Airbender got stick for casting white actors as Asian and Indigenous American characters.
Well, it's not just those. They whitewashed live action anime too as seen with Ghost In The Shell which takes place in japan and all the characters have japanese names but they were all played by white actors.
while i don't know why, but some people just like it when japanese characters played by white actors and they don't like it when japanese characters played by an actual japanese actor. they made an excuse saying "japanese actors couldn't act for ****, so whitewashing is okay". that's only for some people tho, a few others (including me of course) are against whitewashing japanese/asian characters ( tho acting skills still matters ). there was a story about Neon Genesis Evangelion here, but when japanese actors got casted for the japanese character roles, a lot of people downvotes it (tho there are also the ones who upvotes and agrees with the suggestions)
You know I read something once that really bothered me. It was about Exodus: Gods and Kings and how it got into trouble for casting white actors as North African characters. Apparently, Ridley Scott said that he couldn't market the film if the lead role was played by "Mohammed what's-his-name". Like, what the actual heck?

There's a user in a Doctor Aphra story which DOWNVOTES EVERY ASIAN SUGGESTIONS FOR THE CHARACTER, (which is actually Asian) but also, he suggested Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the character!
Oh, nevermind. I know who that guy is. Saw him and his friend downvoted a japanese actor suggestion on a God Eater story weeks ago.
@iamanerd is that one i'm talking about
Can you give me the link to the God Eater story?
Mycast users love this too. Check out this: Korean character's casting suggestions are mostly white and Latina. This is so wrong especially since it's pretty obvious June is Asian.
This People Think Asian Actors Are Not Talented 😞😞😞
Yeah. Whitewashing f*cking sucks.