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I've created a storyline for a fan-created film called Spider-Man: Home at Last. The story includes new characters for the Tom Holland Spider-Man series, including Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, Kingpin, and more. If you have any suggestions feel free to write them in the forum and I can possibly add them to the storyline. Thanks for reading everyone!
Spider-Man (Tom Holland) has found his way home, and after removing the memory that Peter Parker is Spider-Man from everyone minds, he has now moved in with the Morales family in New York. Still grieving Aunt May's death, Peter spends most of the summer holidays out in the city with his new friends Norman (Charlie Heaton). MJ and Ned no longer remember Peter, but can he befriend them both once more? Norman wants to help Peter, but he doesn't know how. Peter hasn't told him about his secret identity yet, but he knows someday he'll have to. That day comes when Peter gets a call from the younger teen he's living with, Miles Morales (Miles Brown), saying that he's on the Subway, and his train has just been attacked by a huge black and white creature/man, who has long curling tentacles wrapping around the side of the train. Norman follows Peter when he rushes towards the Subway stop, and has a surprise. He sees Peter suiting up. Spider-Man tells Norman to get to safety, saying that he can handle it himself. But Peter is in for a surprise himself. When he reaches the train, he finds two spider-themed superheroes already fighting the huge black monster. One wears a black and red suit, the other a white, black, and pink costume... Together Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, and Norman Osborn need to defeat Venom, and also possibly befriend MJ and Ned again...
I'm not sure if the villain could be the Green Goblin (Matthew McConaughey) or Ned's Hob Goblin (Jacob Batalon)
I was thinking the villain could be Venom, but I have plans for two other films, that will have Green Goblin and Hob Goblin as villains. Green Goblin does play a small role in this film though, but it's not until the next film that Hob Goblin becomes a major character (Peter doesn't find out about this villain in this movie). Thanks for the feedback. You can view my other stories here: and here:
My story for this film can be found here:
From fortnitemarvelfan.
I see, I thought of him in Armor Wars or the Thunderbolts movie
Okay. I am thinking of making a story called the Hob Goblin, which will be about Ned Leeds and his villainy. Thanks for replying
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