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Instead of much more striking and flattering professional photoshoot pictures of actors at their best (i.e. NOT when they're old and grey/full of Botox). Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman, for instance, look way way better circa 1990s than they do now, so what sense is there of picking unflattering photos of them during recent red carpet events? Even Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman in current film and TV, after they've had the proper hair and makeup treatment, will look much better than they do caught by the paps at a premiere/awards ceremony.
Actor profile pictures are intended to be recent, high quality headshots. It is only your opinion that some actors may have looked better in previous decades. Please do not upload old photos as actor profile pictures.
Hello mycast. How are you? That's a shame. I may have to leave this site then. I was really enjoying this place, and had hoped that you might appreciate my custom, but I can not for the life of me understand the logic of uploading recent photos that (a) will have to be updated again and again (the thing about a 'recent' photo is that they don't stay 'recent' for very long), (b) are often red-carpet pictures that do not display an actor when they're performing (the way an actor tends to look on the red-carpet is often way removed from their screen persona), and (c) are often unflattering to the actors concerned. But there is a way around this of course. Perhaps we could have one main photo for actors that are, as you say, 'recent, high quality headshots' (even though that will necessitate that these pictures are subject to regular and tiresome changes, and do not help a situation concerning actors who are long retired or haven't recently appeared in public, and thus do not have a 'recent, high quality headshot' leading to various inconsistencies between photos), and we could also allow each user to incorporate a separate picture for the individual in question during their 'Story' pages that best illustrates why a person suits a particular role. It would certainly help other users understand why an actor has been chosen for a particular role, and surely being helpful is something we should encourage. :) Anyway, nice speaking to you. I sincerely hope you have appreciated my polite and well-reasoned post, and understand where I am coming from.
I appreciate your feedback and am sorry if this is confusing. In most stories on myCast, people are choosing actors to play roles in upcoming films/shows - as if they were being made today. So it doesn’t make sense to have a picture of Brad Pitt from 1990 if you’re trying to cast him in a role for a movie being filmed next year. That being said, I know there are cases of casting roles as if they were made 20 or 40 years ago (or even in the future), so in those cases a recent photo is not ideal. We are considering adding additional features for those “time jump” stories to make it easier to cast them, including the possibility of uploading a custom actor photo just for your story. In the meantime, please follow the guidelines of a recent, high quality headshot. Use your best judgment; we won’t be too strict about banning unless the photos are blatantly inappropriate or outdated or low quality (like full body shots or heads cut off). Obviously, actors that are deceased or retired won’t have a recent photo - so use your best judgment to select a photo close to the end of their career. The two week period of restricting changes to photos is to prevent “photo wars” of constantly changing photos. In general, photos should only need to be changed every couple years. We will also be looking for photo moderators soon to help ensure photos meet guidelines and look good, so if you’re interested in that let us know. Thanks for using myCast!