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This one has been a long time coming. The user called jovian ( has without fail for the last several months downvoted all of my suggestions. He never makes suggestions, with the exception of one that he made a long time ago. I decided to start keeping tabs on this freak, and I have found that I'm not the only one who has been trolled by him. All he does is downvote everyone's suggestions. I have two theories: (1) this is a secondary account run by some user who doesn't like me, but really doesn't feel like telling me that to my face. I think this is the more likely theory, since when he showed up I had never interacted with him before, yet he flooded my notifications with HUNDREDS of downvotes and blocked me right off the bat. If that's the case, jovian, you are nothing more than a pathetic coward. (2) This is his only account, meaning that all this creep does is spend all day downvoting everything. If that's the case, there's probably a lot of issues that you need to take care of for yourself. You have my pity, but you should probably start being a constructive member of this community or spend your time doing more productive things. Regardless, if you care about not having pointless mass downvotes ruining your stories, you should absolutely block jovian immediately.
Thanks! Imma block em ASAP. I'm not gonna let this guy ruin my work with mass downvotes, i've been into same situation with another freak yesterday and not gonna let it happen again.
Ill block him for sure. And for a sec I th poo ught I was in trouble
thank your for this info. I'll block him at once
By the way, just did some digging and i think that jovian guy had a friend or maybe his alternate account.
This guy spams Danny DeVito as everything and what makes it even more suspicious is that jovian supports this guy's casting and also helping him downvote your suggestions.
I don't think they're the same person. daniel2004511 voted yes on some of my stuff and he hasn't blocked me. Furthermore, he didn't respond negatively (when he did respond) to times I've commented on his suggestions. It is suspicious that jovian supports his suggestions, so I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of a connection, but I think that's just jovian taking his trolling in a new direction. I also think that daniel2004511 is a troll, but a different kind of troll. He trolls through suggestions. For example, he's cast Danny DeVito in roles he has no business playing (Batwing, Lucius Fox, Brother Eye, Duke Thomas, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Barbara Gordon, to name a few).
I do, however, suspect a possible connection between daniel2004511 and brianasalentine ( He upvoted a lot of daniel's suggestion and downvoted a lot of mine.
I do, however, suspect a possible connection between daniel2004511 and brianasalentine ( He upvoted a lot of daniel's suggestion and downvoted a lot of mine.

brianasalentine ? that's the freak i mentioned above. i think he/she also had some connection to this one weirdo named jaxbriggs1290 (, they both cast non existent people for character roles, and they also supports each other's castings. aside from those, the most recognizable pattern is that they often go salty when seeing japanese actors and actresses got casted on an anime or japanese related stories (basically, they use FastCast to vote on random roles and they often downvote when they stumble upon a role that suggested a japanese actor/actress)