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zat01 ( trolls every story that he comes across by downvoting every suggestion and suggesting Selina Gomez and Scarlett Johansson FOR EVERY ROLE! Additionally, he uses a second account, will01 (, to boost the numbers on his suggestions.

How do I know that the two accounts are the same person? (1) The names are very similar, something to be expected from somebody who lacks creativity. (2) They vote and suggest exactly the same way on exactly the same things.

If you are someone who values true creativity, hates trolls, or wants to preserve the integrity of your stories, block zat01 and will01 immediately. It will save you a headache and send a message to this persistant troll that he is not wanted here.
Yup. This guy did that in my story as well. Thank you for the heads up.
Same here! He's probably a pervert or something
Thank you for letting me know, he recently downvoted my suggestions everywhere on his Zat01 account. I just blocked him.
Thanks for letting me know. I'm gonna have to take it out again, so that I can restart. Though it's a pain to redo all the details.
Thank you! I will do that immediately. How very annoying.
Thanks for telling me this!
While it's probably unlikely they'll find one of my stories anyway, I'll make sure and block them.
Thank you, it was useful to know
Beware of penguintim!!!! He violated some of my castings. My new X-Men MCU for one.