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Fguerrero has returned with two new accounts called and

I could tell they were him because they both downvoted my suggestions and upvoted certain ones on deviltrigger3021’s story.

He also has another active account called which was made to impersonate deviltrigger3021 in retaliation for taking action against him.

Fguerrero will harass anyone who tries to stop him from sabotaging casting suggestions and profiles. I know that he would usually downvote non-lewd pictures of actors on this site and attempt to boost shirtless or lewd pictures of actors. He had even suggested topless porn actors on deviltrigger3021’s story.

I believe that further action is required to ensure that he never causes problems for this site or its users ever again.
Can the mods finally do something useful and IP ban him?
Bruh this has been going on since 2020. Why the drama, lord, why the drama? 😭😭😭
make sure you block his ip address right now
***** why don't you go back to Twitter and masturbate to dream porn
I think Fguerrero is now creating fake duplicate profiles. I can't confirm that this is him but I found one of his alts add a photo to these duplicate profiles:

And there's also probably more.