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(NOTE: This is a repost of an email I sent to myCast)

Hi! I don't know who I'm talking to but let me get into the important stuff. So there's a user by the name of "Analivia," who has created over 40+ ACCOUNTS to boost her casting suggestion mass downvote anyone who gets in the way of Millie Bobby Brown. That includes the most iconic Disney star, Debby Ryan. Basically, one day, Dawn Medrek added Debby Ryan as Amaya to a PJ Masks story. Innocent, right? Not to Analivia. She sent out her massive clone accounts and mass downvoted Debby Ryan, then her images, and anyone who votes "NO" on her casting suggestions. And then they have the audacity to threaten me via PMs. I would like for all of their accounts to be closed for cheating the system and threatening other users. They also deserve an IP ban so they don't come back. And their votes need to be removed as well.

Here is a list of accounts that belong to Analivia:

Thank you! Have a great day!
Yeah I ran into this person today. Are they a bot or just some annoying kid?
A literal child. What did they say to you?
Bro! Little kids are such *****es!
This user actually had the audacity to send me a question mark in my PMs and then leave the chat. What a b*tch.
There are many MANY more that keep coming.