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She keeps making comments on my casting suggestions, such as "I don't want Henry Cavill as Prince Eric", "I hate Simon Pegg, don't cast him as Buck!". Please tell her that it's really, really annoying and it needs to stop.
Maybe she prefers Disney Channel actors and actresses.
She won't stop making those comments. It's So Annoying!!!
Please, Please, PLEASE, tell her to stop!
But... why? Isn't that the reason for having comments?
It's every single comment she makes about my suggestions! If she doesn't want to cast Liam Neeson as Bruce, Simon Pegg as Buck or Henry Cavill as Prince Eric, then she doesn't have to cast them, but she doesn't need to keep writing these same comments over and over and over and over again. If someone constantly wrote comments like that on your casting suggestions, Wouldn't you end up finding it really annoying?
I mean, maybe I would, but how would I even know about it? I've long since turned off email notifications about comments.
I have email notifications about comments and casting supporters turned on, so that's how I know about the comments she keeps making.
I was trying to make a very gentle suggestion that you might want to turn that off.
Oh right. Sorry. I misunderstood what you meant.
Right, here's an example of what I'm talking about:
She's doing it again: Please do something!
I've asked her to leave me alone, but she said that she WON'T leave me alone! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT HER!!!
Her brother's doing it as well. They need to be Stopped!
I just want to say thanks to Dynasti for sticking up for me. On a serious note, they do need to be stopped. They're saying those comments on other people's casting suggestions as well.
Where’s the comment where she told you she’s not gonna leave you alone and where dynasti sticked up for you
Here is the comment where she said that she won't leave me alone: Dynasti sticked up for me in my Jason Isaacs as Clayton and Steve Buscemi as Kaa suggestions.
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