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I think that MyCast should bring back the following and feed systems, with some added features. I think all mycast accounts should be set to private before someone sends them a follow request, similar to other social media sites as to avoid mass-downvoting trolls. I think we should also get to keep track of who we follow and who follows us. Also feed was really helpful in investigating trolls, and I hope it's revived
I'll have to disagree with you on the whole "all accounts set to private" part.
It prevents trolling and random people from viewing your profile
Those "random people" could become your friends in the near future.

I do agree with this, though.
you can talk with them in story comments, or they can send you PM's
They really do need to bring the Feed back. I haven't used this site much since they got rid of it.
Same here, I haven't used this site ever since the "feed" section was removed.