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There should be an option to set an account as a non-voting account. The purpose of this is to maintain the limiting factors that the admins set against trolls while also allowing the account to function normally within its own stories. For example, I run the account dccu_entertainment. Up until the most recent set of regulations (making it impossible to make suggestions without a registered email) I was able to make suggestions from that account on the stories created by that account. I never registered an email with the account because I don't want to be tempted to abuse the capabilities that come with registering an email. As things stand now, I can't even make suggestions on my own stories as dccu_entertainment. Under the model that I'm proposing, I would just go to account settings and set it as a non-voting account so that I can fully manage my own stories but am simultaneously incapable of using that account to do any harm.
Wouldn't that be similar to getting banned?
You're basically asking for restrictions against "trolls." That's basically being banned but still able to access stuff.
In a sense, but not really. What I'm proposing is a compromise between the old way and the current way. We keep the troll-deterrents in place under the current system but it would allow accounts without an email registered to still create their own stories and add suggestions to their stories.