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I spend ages getting a photo just right in order to accurately convey why I've chosen a particular actor for a particular role, and then someone capriciously edits that photo, for goodness knows what reason, meaning I have to wait several weeks or whatever the period is, to edit them back! It's very annoying!
Actor profile pictures are used site-wide and not intended to be edited to match a particular role. Please only upload recent, high quality headshots.
'Recent'? But many of the roles we're casting these actors for are for parts in hypothetical films from earlier decades. With all due respect, it makes ZERO sense to require recent high-quality headshots, even if one ignores the aesthetic issue (i.e. that many of these recent, high quality headshots are simply unflattering), because many of these actors will be (a) dead or (b) retired. If an actor is long dead, it stands to reason that you're not going to be uploading a 'recent, high quality headshot', and if an actor is long retired, and most of the hypothetical films they're being cast in are for much earlier eras, a 'recent, high quality headshot' is entirely redundant. I enjoy this site. I am a regular user. I am using it to the max, but if you insist on very unflattering 'recent high quality headshots' over much more flattering promotional or photoshoot pictures that display an actor at their most iconic, it will alienate me. Moreover, apart from the many good reasons I've already given, there is another compelling reason why older iconic images of an actor and actress make more sense than 'recent, high quality headshots'. A 'recent, high quality headshot' is not going to stay 'recent' for very long, is it? It will, naturally, date after a short period of time, and thus will have to be re-edited yet again, ad infinitum (how tiresome). Whereas one single iconic photo that is set permanently will never date. Anyway, nice speaking to you. I hope my intelligent and reasonable arguments made sense. :)
Please see my reply on your other post. In most stories on myCast, people are choosing actors to play roles in upcoming films/shows - as if they were being made today. So it doesn’t make sense to have a picture of Brad Pitt from 1990 if you’re trying to cast him in a role for a movie being filmed next year. That being said, I know there are cases of casting roles as if they were made 20 or 40 years ago (or even in the future), so in those cases a recent photo is not ideal. We are considering adding additional features for those “time jump” stories to make it easier to cast them, including the possibility of uploading a custom actor photo just for your story. In the meantime, please follow the guidelines of a recent, high quality headshot. Obviously, actors that are deceased or retired won’t have a recent photo - so use your best judgment to select a photo close to the end of their career. The two week period of restricting changes to photos is to prevent “photo wars” of constantly changing photos. In general, photos should only need to be changed every couple years. The problem with choosing a single "iconic photo" for each actor is that everyone has their own idea of which photo that would be, whereas a recent headshot is more generic and neutral. I appreciate your feedback and hope you will continue using the site!