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hes accusing people of being trolls (theoriginalmartian)
Dude, this section is for feature request, not ban a user request lol.
This is not the place for this, unfortunately.
So a feature that allows users to ban antoniocratchjr? Noice. This would be useful.

(Note the sarcasm because this is in the wrong section)
well, to ban anyone from the website like forcez but it would be bad as well for trolls cause they could ban us
cause they could ban us

No they can't, they couldn't even provide any logical proof. As long as we provide proof, the website's owner and the moderators will believe us and ban the problematic user, like contact the site's owner through email and provide screenshots. But the problem is if the troll/problematic user is smart enough to use false accusations (that is if the false accusation is provided with fake proof with the troll trying to play victim)
i mean if there was a feature to ban a person on their profile
i mean if there was a feature to ban a person on their profile

Only the admins and moderators can do that. And if you say "what if one of the trolls became a moderator?", well, i doubt it.
no i mean if people could ban other users to prevent trollery without using the moderators to do it for you coz they probably get tired of always banning so why not ayy?
Well they can't. And those kind of report button are a long overdue, and people might misuse it for their own purpose, which is a bad thing.