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Maybe there should be moderators for actor photos. People like to go and change an actors photo when they don't like the actor or feel like they're being fan casted too often. Take Dylan O'Brien's current photo for example.
I know there are a lot of actors on here. Too many to moderate most likely. So maybe a 2-3 day review period instead? So people can suggest a picture update and during that the 2-3 days someone can decide if the picture should be replaced or not.
I agree. Check the current photo of Tom Cruise. It is absolutely racist
It's ridiculous that people do this kind of stuff. I get not liking an actor but that's what the down vote button is there for.
Do you know how long it takes before we can change a photo? I keep being told that a photo has only recently been edited and to come back later. As for the trolling, I agree, it's awful. I always try to pick flattering photos of the actors in question.
I think it's around 2 or 3 weeks before the photo can be changed.
Thank you. I'll check back in that time. Also, I think it would be worth giving feedback to one another over photo edits to find out what we all prefer when it comes to headshots.